Practical tips for travelling with dogs

Animal lovers love to travel with dogs. Dogs are part of your family, so you spoil them to make them feel comfortable from wherever they are. You must be careful to maintain them, clean them, feed them and not get any disease. It is common for you to always be next to him in your home.

The problem will arise when you have to move from one place to another for study, business or fun. It is important that you plan everything in detail so that you can move with the canines in the best possible way. In this article we give you some practical tips for traveling with dogs .

Our Rural Houses that admit dogs

We currently have two Rural Houses that admit pets during your stay. In case of small dogs you can consult it for the rest of properties, since depending on the race it is possible.

Casa do Sal

Casa do Sal

In the heart of Combarro, casa do sal allows an escape for 2 or 3 people in a magical place. You will integrate in the nucleus of this historical city in the most famous street of this village.

Cas do Mestre

Rural House Cas do Mestre

Located in A Lama and with a capacity of 10 people, is the ideal place to travel with your pet. You will be able to enjoy majestic walks and a lot of space for your enjoyment.

Advantages of traveling with dogs

Moving with your puppies has many benefits, because we know that you are concerned and have many doubts about this issue. One of the main advantages of going with them to another area is that you won’t leave them in other hands. There is no one who will take better care of these animals than the owners themselves.

In addition, by taking them with you, you will be involving them in the family plans. This is in case you have to travel for vacations, so the animals can also participate. Although it is surprising, the canines are faithful and like this type of acts that have their masters with them.

It is also not good to leave them at home alone because they can get sick before it is better to take them. They also represent trust and entertainment for that reason these will be the best companions. You will have a great time and without any resentment for having left them at home.

Travelling with dogs in Galicia

Disadvantages of travelling with animals

Depending on the site you choose as your destination, remote walking can become a mistake. This will be a huge inconvenience because the puppy may not be comfortable with the area. There are spaces that are exclusive for you to walk without problems with them.

Also, keep in mind that if you don’t have the right tools to maintain them, this will be difficult for you. Remember that if you don’t wear accessories exclusively for the animals, it’s difficult for them to stay still. Above all, those who leave their homes for the first time.

In addition we tell you that to this you must add documentation. So consider that there are places that demand it, since there are cities that ask for some requirements by regulation. So when you choose a destination you have to verify this and comply with it for you to have an excellent vacation.

Tips and solutions

In order to avoid these inconveniences, you have to know how to choose a good place to stay during your stay. For example, you have within your options the beach or the sea. However, since it is an open place, you must pay double attention to avoid losses.

Hotels are found if you are going to be located in a big city or when you are going to know a specific area. Before it is to verify if in this lodging they accept them so that you do not have setbacks. Ask, for example, if they can be in the room and not stay in another room.

There are also campsites in case you go camping, but there is the same problem of the beach. We advise you to bear in mind the rural houses when making your selection. They are a great alternative when it comes to walking with animals of this type because they will feel in a pleasant environment.

Dog Moving

When you decide to venture out with your animals you have to pay attention to the type of transfer you will make. It’s not the same if you’re going by plane or by road because both require different preparation. If you go in any plane ask about the laws for it and do not make stopovers to not disturb them.

On the ground you have to consider the distance and hours, can they withstand long periods of time? Add to your considerations the type of vehicle. That is to say, if it is yours, rented or public. When the latter makes a good provision for hydration.

The other option is by train, in which they accept that you take them with you, as long as the other passengers do not present complaints. In order not to inconvenience others, move them on the leash. You can also do it by boat, but along the way you will not have them with you but in a specific area.

Tips to travel with dogs

One of the practical tips for traveling with dogs is that you select a location they may like. You, more than anyone else, know what puppies like, evaluate all the possibilities. Analyze what the habitual behavior is and from there it arrives at a conclusion.

But the most important thing is the accessories you carry with you to keep them. Apart from your luggage take one that is for them where you keep what they may need. Before, during and after the trip check the food, drinks, medicines and their sleeping bed.

It is also essential that you fit them a necklace in which you identify them and add your data. Don’t forget also a box with first aid resources, if any event occurs, you won’t regret it. Check when was the last time they went to the medical control and the state of their vaccines.

Check the health requirements required by European Union member states (Spanish PDF) for the movement of pets. If travelling from the EU to other countries, consult the embassy of the country you are travelling to.

Care for them

During the tour you have to take care of them and watch over them, you are responsible that nothing happens to them. Therefore, keep them protected from any irregularity or suspicious person. Don’t let them get restless and if they do, immediately identify the reason.

When you are on the tour, don’t neglect them either, the idea is that they enjoy it together. Treat them the same as always with confidence and make them feel that the new place is safe. This is so that they feel comfortable, do not let them feel tired or anxious.

Dog Breeds

The breed of dog is a determining factor and very necessary to travel with dogs, because all have different behavior. Analyze the size, length, weight and type of canine that is, so you can have greater prevention. Some classes are allowed, but not others, as it varies the characteristics that this has.