Rural houses with swimming pool in Galicia

Undoubtedly, rural houses have earned a place among the most sought-after accommodations in recent years. In order to understand it, it is enough to take a look at each one of the advantages that they bring incorporated. In addition, it is undeniable that the style so characteristic that they possess loves the sight of anyone .

And of all the models available to date, rural houses with swimming pool are a very particular . Not only because they combine the rural with the aquatic element, but also because they offer at the same time much more. Pay attention today and you will discover all the rest.

Why choose a rural house with swimming pool?

It is true that there are several kinds of rural houses, each with its own advantages. However, a house with a swimming pool stands out because it offers the possibility of taking a private bath with a regulated temperature . A daily shower cannot be compared to this.

Swimming pools are ideal for many things. For example, to reflect, to relax and to play and interact with other people. Whether the latter are part of your loved ones or not, the truth is that the conversation will revive your being . And in the case of dealing with strangers you will end up socializing.

On the other hand, if you have children, a swimming pool is an advantage. This is because they almost always find it attractive. This way you can convince them to join your trip, even if they are undecided or reluctant. In addition, you may even end up giving them one of the best experiences of their lives.

Rural Swimming Pool

Types of swimming pools in rural houses

Nowadays there are several types of swimming pool, and it is not the same in all the rural houses. Depending on this the rental price may increase or decrease . It can also condition the enjoyment of your stay and those who accompany you. Therefore, we consider that you must know each one:

Covered or heated swimming pool

Two aspects converge in this model of swimming pool: the cover and the thermal regulation of the water. The first of both factors helps not to damage it easily, so it is common to find them in excellent condition.

The second offers the possibility of enjoying hot water at any time in any season. This makes it the favourite of many. The advantage is even greater if you choose a low-temperature rural area. However, perhaps the cost is higher.

Prefabricated pool

This type of pool is seated on top of a base to which a previous leveling has been done. In the same way this base is constructed with gravel to facilitate the final stability of the water . The walls are usually designed with plastic or steel.

These pools are usually located in attics because they do not require any particular support. In the same way it is avoided to include concrete in the manufacture. Due to this last characteristic they are usually much cheaper than most . And thanks to their large dimensions are familiar.

Detachable pool

In short, this pool is the most viable option for your pocket. Especially if your budget is quite limited. This is because they are listed as the lowest priced in the market . Although that does not imply that the enjoyment is null.

In-ground pool

As its name suggests, this pool model is the one that is built inside an excavation. It is therefore the most common type, but in this case it turns out to be the easiest pool to get. This way you won’t have to go far to find a rural house that offers it.

Swimming pool at night

How to choose your rural house with perfect swimming pool?

Establish a budget

This first tip implies that you know how much you can spend. Obviously, each cottage with swimming pool will have its own price, although they may stay close to the average. In any case you must verify that your budget includes both her and the rest of the services .

And it is that the swimming pool gives to the rural house a unique touch , especially for the children. However, the ideal is to find a middle point between it and everything else that the accommodation offers. For example, after exploring the accommodation area, submerging yourself in the water will erase your fatigue.

Define if you will go alone or not

A country house with pool can be even more attractive depending on who looks at it. Therefore, if your stay will be accompanied, you must consider the tastes of those who accompany you. This applies regardless of whether it is a relative of yours or not. In any case, will affect the budget .

Consider the rural area

There are rural areas that are hotter or colder than others. Depending on the temperature, the pool will seem more or less attractive .

Outdoor swimming pool

Rural houses with swimming pool in Galicia

If you are looking for rural houses with swimming pool in Galicia , you have to know that we are your best option. We offer the best prices in the area and one of these houses, even if you have a pool you will not get too expensive. On the contrary, the price is minimal if you compare it with everything you are going to enjoy.

As if that wasn’t enough, these houses are big so they have up to five rooms (most of them). In other words, you can travel with a group of ten or more people. Everyone can collaborate with the payment so in the end, the amount you pay will be minimal.

If we must highlight something of this type of houses is that they are private, provide comfort and having a swimming pool you can spend some afternoons in the water. They are ideal when traveling for tourism or business. Without a doubt, you will enjoy the experience.

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