Bascuas Beach

Bascuas Beach

This beautiful beach can be found in the Galician town of Aios. It is in the municipality of Sanxenxo and is one of its best known beaches. The Bascuas beach has a very particular geographical shape, and it looks like a half shell of sea.

The area, by its very shape, is protected from the prying eyes of nearby houses and is not surprising. It is a natural beach or, better said, nudist. It is considered by those who visit it, one of the most beautiful beaches in Galicia .

Naturist Beach

The beach is very well cared for, with signs and good access. Its crystalline waters and reserved environment have made it the center of escape for some tourists looking for a new experience . But they also want to disconnect from the big city.

In spite of the reserved and thematic of the site, it has everything that a good beach needs. Bascuas has the most qualified lifeguards, and its waves are moderate or null depending on the season. Undoubtedly a good option for any tourist looking for a good place to spend the day .

Where to Sleep in Bascuas Beach

You have several accommodation options in Bascuas, both on the beach and nearby, below we present Villa Bascuas, located a few meters from the entrance to the beach and with facilities that will surprise you:

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What to see in Bascuas?

Bascuas Beach in Sanxenxo

Beyond the great view towards the ocean, the Bascuas beach has a large mountain that covers the entire beach. This prevents unwanted visitors from loitering all over the area.

The most interesting thing about this beach is that it has 10 different micro coves. Therefore, you will be able to choose where to swim with an incredible comfort. In the background, we will be able to enjoy the views to the Island of Ons and Onza, belonging to the Natural Park Islas Atlánticas de Galicia.


Unlike other beaches in the Sanxenxo area, we won’t see boat rentals , kayaks (you can do this do it in the Illa de Arousa ) or anything like that. It’s a quiet site , to enjoy a carefree day at the beach.

It is quite open to the sea , so it is not very advisable to go too far into the ocean.

It is located in a very accessible area by car, and close to the best sites offered by the area of Sanxenxo. This will allow you to enjoy a lot of places to visit after your beach day. From the accommodation you stay in, to the best restaurants in the area are just a step away .

Where to Sleep in Bascuas Beach

You have several accommodation options in Bascuas, both on the beach and nearby, below we present Villa Bascuas, located a few meters from the entrance to the beach and with facilities that will surprise you:

This has Bascuas Beach for you.

Views of the Atlantic Islands

People who frequent this beach prefer an accommodation close to it. This is because it is easier to travel to other places for lunch, dinner or enjoy activities than parking in the area in high season.

Parking in the beach area is quite wide, although in high season it is very crowded . We have an area where we can have a drink, eat and even go to the toilet.

Bascuas Zone

This beach has the best fine white sand that we can find in the area. The level of cleanliness and care of the beach is one of the best. This is largely due to its visitors, 100% committed to the care of the environment . The fact that it is a nudist beach achieves that it is kept cleaner, than others with visitors less grateful to the environment. The water is one of the clearest you can find near Portonovo.

You have slopes you can explore if you wish. With different walking routes and an incredible view from the heights of these roads. Without a doubt, an extraordinary view, ideal for taking good photographs.

 How to get there

How to get to Bascuas Beach?

To get to this beach, we have to move by car, bus or taxi . The route of arrival is for everyone, the same, (unless you come from a nearby area). The easiest way is to follow the signs to Sanxenxo / Portonovo and when you get to Portonovo, continue towards A Lanzada. There are more direct or less congested routes, although with less signposting. The nearest airport is Vigo.

Fortunately, this beach has its own bus line. Therefore, you will be able to make a direct trip from the locality in which you are, if it has a transport to Bascuas Beach. The main route is CC – 500. Here we leave you the location to use in GPS.

 Where to Eat

Where to eat near Bascuas?

Inside Bascuas Beach, there are not too many options where we can go to eat. Nevertheless, the bar at the site may be the best way to satisfy our appetite.

If you want to eat a more elaborate good seafood dish , you have to get away from the nudist beach. If you don’t have too many problems with this, you can find the most exquisite dishes. We must remember that we are in Galicia, an area distinguished by its sea products.

Considering the gourmet dishes we can enjoy, it’s worth considering. The distance to travel is short and we can enjoy the fact that the best restaurants are near this nudist beach. We will mention some of the most recognized:

  • Casa Zulema.
  • Restaurante El Vagabundo.
  • Meson A’ Costa.
  • A Casa Do Che.
  • Tapería Todo a babor.
  • O Burazo.
  • Cany Playa.
  • O Barco.
  • Restaurante Caseiros.
  • Café Bar O Toño
  • Taberna Villalustre.
  • La Bodega.
  • Restaurante Fidel.
  • Pulpería Pichi.

 Enjoy Bascuas Beach

Climate and weather

Weather of this beach is quite stable throughout the year. Therefore it may be a good idea to go almost any time of the year. So we don’t have to worry about which date might be more suitable to visit Bascuas beach.

Bascuas, Spain

The average temperature of this beach oscillates between 16 and 17°. But in the summer seasons, it is usually a little warmer than usual. The same thing happens with the winter dates. The temperature can be 16° or 17°, but rainfall can bring a temperate climate. The best time to go, is still the summer .

 Excursions and Activities

Tourist Attractions

The main attraction of this beach is the fact that it is a naturist beach . Hundreds of tourists visit it every year, and it is one of the most quoted in the whole Spanish territory.

The experiences of those who visit it are always very pleasant. This is due to the human quality that the locals have with their tourists. For those looking for a new experience, this is one of the best nudist beaches that we can visit all over Spain.

Excursions and sites of interest

It is a beach where its focus is on the naturist part as such. That is why we see so many visitors throughout the summer season. It is one of the most frequented beaches among members of the LGBT community.

If we want to enjoy nearby activities, we have the Diving in Sanxenxo, tables of paddle surf that we can rent and use them on our favourite beach or organise a visit to snorkeling in the Cíes Islands. Any of them will allow us to enjoy the beauty of Galicia to the full.