Montalvo Beach

Montalvo Beach

The summer season is approaching, and it’s time to plan your vacation. Any place you want to go in particular? If you’re thinking of a beach, Montalvo is the place for you. Undoubtedly the best place to vacation when the temperature rises.

It’s the perfect place to make the heat, a good companion. The beach of Montalvo and its surroundings, are a wonder. Without a doubt, one of the best beaches we can find in the area. Ideal for couples and family holidays or with friends.

We have everything we need in a small community (Sanxenxo). Good food, lodging, culture, excellent views, beaches and oceans. We will never be left with nothing to do on this beach, where activity reigns. Not to mention the vacation plans that sometimes exist.

What to see in Montalvo?

There are three important places that we must visit to say that we tourist in Montalvo. The first and most important is the Montalvo Beach . It is the main beach of the place and perhaps the best we can find in the surroundings.

In it we can do any type of activity, from diving to boat rides. In addition, we have a wonderful view of the town and the ocean, together.

At the end of Montalvo Beach, on the right hand side, we will find Punta Montalvo. From these cliffs we will be able to appreciate the Cíes Islands and the Ons Islands without turning our heads. In addition, close to the sunset is very spectacular. The couples who visit this place at sunset, have one of the best experiences of their honeymoon. The view is incredible.

Then we have quite close Portonovo . From here it is possible to make excursions to Atlantic Islands National Park , where we can have an unforgettable connection with nature. A little far from Montalvo (you have to go by boat), but a place worth visiting. It is an unforgettable experience.

Finally, a little far away too, we have the famous circuit of Karts in Sanxenxo, a place to close the day before returning to our accommodation to spend the night.

This has Montalvo for you.

Thanks to the variety of exotic places in Montalvo, the list of activities keeps growing. When you think you’ve done it all, something new will appear that you hadn’t thought of. That’s why this beach is a constant visit for tourists who want to try something different.

We can make small boat trips to other beaches, round trip. Ideal to appreciate the landscape, the locals call it “escape”. You can also visit the Portosub Diving Center , it is very close to Montalvo. Here you will live a totally new and different experience underwater with its Scuba Diving .

You also have a great selection of luxury villas, rental houses and charming accommodations where you can spend the night. If you’re partying with friends or your partner, it’s the ideal way to end the day.

You can also go to a tourist office, and ask for one of the tourist guides offered to tourists. This way you will be able to get to know each and every corner of Montalvo. At least from the side of nature and its exotic beauty.

How to get to Montalvo?

Due to the high demand of Montalvo beach, there are multiple ways to get there. However, all of them are by land. In addition, there is no metro at our disposal.

The same as the ferries, they are not available to get to Montalvo. Being a small port, only small boat trips to other beaches are possible.

Then we can reach the beach by taxi, bus or own car or hire. Most tourists come directly from Pontevedra, as this is the main destination city.

Before reaching Montalvo, we will pass through Portonovo. A site that might be of interest to some tourists in particular. Another way of arrival is from A Lanzada. This depends on our geographical location.

Where to eat?

Being a coastal town, in the food we will habituate for some time the seafood. We can order some other dishes, but it wouldn’t make much sense either. Fish is one of the most common meals among tourists who come to Montalvo.

Depending on the restaurant we want, we can choose between a place near the beach or far away. One of the most popular is the restaurant O Rincón Dos Barcos, near the beach.  However, here is a list of the best restaurants in the area:

Climate and weather

The climate in Montalvo is quite stable throughout the year. It is always at a good temperature to enjoy the sun and the ocean. Therefore, no matter on what dates we decide to go, we will always have a good temperature.

For lovers of good weather, it is good to know that the temperature of Montalvo is quite pleasant as a general rule. Throughout the summer you will have good temperatures, with a few rare exceptions. In spring and autumn the temperature is quite stable. In winter we will have the typical temperatures of Galicia, but always a few degrees above due to its location.

Tourist Attractions

From Montalvo, we have a great variety of interesting attractions for tourists. The beach may be the biggest attraction, but the truth is that there is much more to see. Moving a little outside the town of Montalvo can help a lot.

About 4 kilometres away is the Juan Carlos 1 marina. An interesting destination for all those who love sport. But, for couples it is “¡Hola Margarita!”. A site that can not be left aside, if you want a romantic moment in couple.

Excursions and sites of interest

Excursions in Montalvo are quite frequent. Hundreds of tourists sometimes resort to a vacation plan. This is the best way to get to know Montalvo, its surroundings and, of course, all the beaches. In addition to some cultural places of major importance.

However, this does not stop there. The excursions are usually the most exotic, as they take tourists to the heights. They may end up climbing a mountain near the locality. So don’t be surprised.

This makes the mountains also an incentive for all nature lovers. Undoubtedly in this locality the activities never cease, since it does not give a rest to its tourists either. Life is as active as that of its locatarios.