Sanxenxo Tourist Guide

For those who are planning their next vacation, Sanxexo is a great travel option. One of the biggest tourist claims of Pontevedra together with the Cíes Islands. Beyond its beaches, we can find hundreds of exotic places to discover and lots of activities.

Depending on the season, in our visit to Sanxexo we will be able to enjoy incredible parties. A celebration that begins with “San Ginés”, (August 25) and lasts until “Santa Rosalia” (September 4). So, if you are planning a trip for these dates, you should not miss these festivities.

 Featured Accommodations

Where to sleep?

Although the variety of accommodation in the Sanxenxo area is one of the most outstanding in the area, you won’t want to miss being able to enjoy a Luxury Villa. In order to do this, we present you with the best options:

Villa Montalvo

Villa Montalvo

start 250€/day
  • Private Pool
  • Billiards & Table Football
  • Gymnasium
Villa Sanxenxo

Villa Sanxenxo

start 250€/day
  • 4 rooms
  • 3 bathrooms
  • Pool and Barbecue
Catro Faros

Catro Faros

start 375€/day
  • Heated Swimming Pool
  • 5 rooms
  • Beach 10 minutes walk
 Points of interest

Activities you can do

But perhaps one of the best places we can not miss, are the natural parks. In Sanxenxo we can find the National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia. The best place and time to know all the fauna that inhabits the region.

This is one of the points of greatest interest to the eye of every tourist. Here we can find everything at a glance. We can not fail to visit the islands Cíes, Ons, Sálvora and Cortegada. Each one has a special and different charm.

Snorkel on Cíes Island

Snorkel on Cíes Island

Discover the Cíes Islands from Sanxenxo

With the snorkeling activity in Cíes, you will have the opportunity to discover its wonderful Island. The activity lasts about 3 or 4 hours in total and is recommended for the whole family. Groups of at least 4 people are required.

Book Cíes Island Snorkel

Discover Scuba Diving

Discover Scuba Diving

Breathe underwater for the first time

Live your first time on a Diving experience. I an activity that allows you to do scuba diving without having previous experience. It requires to know how to swim and to be at least 16 years old. Live the diving adventure. You can choose to do it in Portonovo, the Cíes Islands or in the Ons Islands. A unique experience.

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For those who are looking for a bit of tranquility, there is also the Mirador Palacios. To get there, we must walk the Pontevedra estuary. Inevitably it will take us to the viewpoint.

Palacios Viewpoint

From here we will be able to see and enjoy the best that Sanxenxo has to offer. A remote and quiet place to enjoy nature and of course, the good view it offers. Without a doubt, one of the key points to visit for every tourist who visits the city.

If you walk from Baltar Beach to Caneliñas, you will find the A Peixeira Viewpointon your way. Unique views of the area.

A Peixeira Viewpoint

Of course, you will not be able to miss “La Madama de Silgar”, the work of the Galician sculptor Alfonso Vilar Lamelas. An icon of the area that you can only see up close if you swim.

La Madama de Silgar

 Excursions and Places of Interest

What to see in Sanxexo?

Beyond the good atmosphere, Sanxexo is full of beaches. In the locality, we can visit a lot of beaches. The most famous are: Areas, A Lanzada, Foxos, Canelas, Silgar, Montalvo Beach and Bascuas Beach. All very crowded by tourists, especially in summer. Below you can see which one to start with and visit one each day:

Silgar Beach

Silgar Beach

Silgar Beach is Sanxenxo’s flagship. It has plenty of places to eat around and a varied leisure offer. It has the port of Sanxenxo just a few steps away and is where nightlife is concentrated.

Baltar Beach

Baltar Beach

Baltar beach is below. They communicate with each other by a promenade that you can’t miss. It is in the area of Portonovo. It also has excellent places to eat and enjoy the day. The area is very crowded, as it is the starting point for boats to the Cíes and Ons Islands.

In this area is located the “Centro de Buceo y Actividades Acuáticas Portosub”, with a great variety of options to have fun in the water.

Areas Beach

Areas Beach

A few steps from Villa Sanxenxo you will find this fabulous beach. With good parking and spectacular views. It also has places to eat and drink.

Foxos Beach

Foxos Beach

A little further back and a step away from the beach of A Lanzada. It has plenty of parking space and an incredible environment to spend the day.

Canelas Beach

Canelas Beach

One of the most visited by frequent bathers. It is a fairly large beach and offers a white sand of great quality.

Caneliñas Beach

Caneliñas Beach

Through the promenade it communicates with Baltar Beach in Portonovo. It is a small but very quiet and sheltered beach. Excellent for windy days. Good place to snorkel or swim quietly.

Fortunately, this is not all you have to offer. Sanxexo also has a great cultural history, very important in the area it is located. Therefore, visiting some places in the city cannot be overlooked.

 How to get there

How to get to Sanxexo?

For those who are interested, we can reach Sanxenxo through the airport of Vigo and Santiago de Compostela. You can also use Oporto Airport if you are coming from an international destination. The final journey must be made by road, either by taxi or car.

By road can be a good option if you live nearby. Just keep in mind that in summer there may be some traffic. Nevertheless, the visit is worth the effort.

To get to Sanxexo by road, there are several options. The quickest way is to use the AP-9 motorway up to its junction with the AG-41. It is very well signposted so you will have no problem getting there.

As we have said, there are multiple arrival options for Sanxexo. You can arrive by any of these routes from A Coruña, Ferrol, Lugo, Ourense, Santiago de Compostela -Airport- and Vigo.

 Where to Eat

Where to eat in Sanxenxo?

The menu in this locality can be very varied. We cannot eat during our entire stay in a single restaurant. With the great variety of culinary supply, based on products of the sea, we have to take advantage of it. Sanxexo has a great variety of restaurants at your disposal.

If we want to taste the local food, visiting the “Berberecho Bar” is an obligatory stop. A place that will leave you wanting to repeat every day. At the same level and with an excellent product, we have the “Michael’s”, acclaimed for its excellent dishes and great service.

For those who are looking for good prices without leaving quality aside, “A Bodeguiña” will be our best option. You will be able to enjoy a great selection of portions and enjoy its terrace.

Although we have mentioned a few, the level of catering in the area is quite high, and we can be sure that we will enjoy every meal.

 Climate and Weather

Climate and weather in Sanxenxo

Like all beaches, the climate tends to be tropical. However, there are seasons where tourists frequent the Sanxexo community more.

If you’re looking for a specific climate, we’ll help you with that. It’s for those looking for the right time to visit Sanxexo. Here’s the approximate weather for each of the months at Sanxexo.

weather in Sanxenxo

This has Sanxexo for you.

Belonging to the province of Pontevedra, this small town belongs to the autonomous community of Galicia. Cradle of great teams in the Spanish football league, such as Celta de Vigo and Deportivo de la Coruña. You can enjoy both teams live if you organize your trip coinciding with a day. They usually play every 2 weeks in their stadium, during their season.

Galicia has a very active coastal life and a very friendly population. Sanxenxo, with a total of approximately 17,000 inhabitants, stands out for its incredible summer life. You will never be left without new options to see or discover when you are a tourist.

The accommodations have a good reputation in the community. You can find complete houses, apartments close to the beach or luxury villas with extreme comfort. Best of all, they are affordable for the everyday traveler.

We invite you to enjoy one of the best areas of Galicia with your visit to Sanxenxo. If you want to see other towns or cities with a special charm, do not forget to visit: