Rural Houses

Accommodation is a very serious issue. Not because it involves controversial elements, but because you must consider many things to be ideal. And the latter also depends a lot on the tastes of each person. Consequently, there is an ideal type of accommodation for each person .

But there is a type of accommodation that avoids such a universal law. These are rural houses . These represent a very particular option because of their style and simplicity. Both factors have made them the favorite option of thousands. However, there is much more to say about them.

What are rural houses?

A rural house consists basically of a lodging designed with the architectural characteristics of the mountainous or rural sectors . This is what gives it its name.

The rest is composed as most of the lodgings. Generally includes services remarkably similar to those that come with a normal , and is paid in the same way. Another detail of these houses is that they are perfect when you travel in a group. In this way, you can save much more than in a hotel stay.

Features of rural houses in Galicia

Rural Houses

Contextualised design

As we told you, a rural house is identified by its design. This will always refer to a particular rural area . It will be responsible for how the construction of the floor, roof, etc. is carried out.

This leads to a wide variety of rural houses. Almost as many as there are such areas. The individual character of the design should also be emphasised, as of course it is not identical for all. Although they retain in principle their natural and simple aura, which for many is a visual calming .

The best option in this sense, are all those old houses that have been restored, preserving their essence. In this way it maintains all the charm of the passing of time, with the comforts of our time. Why not enjoy a rural house in Galicia with swimming pool?


The location of this type of accommodation is another particular feature. While hotels are usually in the city, rural houses in Galicia can be found in mountainous or rural areas. In this way, there is an increase in the offer for those who stay, as they are able to live face to face with nature.

Types of rural houses

Complete rural house

In this type of house the services tend to be the most complete in addition to the accommodation and an endless number of comforts designed for a great vacation.

We offer rural houses of this type. Although to be honest, our houses are more than a rural rent. In them you will enjoy an environment perfectly conditioned to the time that maintains the spirit of its best years. In addition to that you will be able to have Wi-Fi connection, TV by cable or satellite, kitchen, washing machine, among others.

Shared rural house

In this modality the rent as such is partial. This means that you do not rent an entire rural house, but only an area of the house that includes everything you need to be a house . In the case of CAS DO MESTRE, it is a rural tourism house that can be rented as a complete house, or in two independent houses. Both have their own kitchen, dining room, living room, bedrooms, etc. They share common areas such as the swimming pool or garden.

Normally no food is offered inside the package. If you wish to include the catering service, you must indicate it in the reservation, where based on your tastes and programmed departures, we will be able to offer you this service through our collaborators.

As an interesting fact, in these rural houses are organized activities related to the surroundings . From tours with the assistance of a guide to participation in agricultural processes, hiking trails or adventures.


This type of rural house can serve you if what you are looking for is a very short stay . It is usually designed for those who are interested in the rural area in question and its surroundings. We also try to cultivate environmental education in the guests through informative talks.

In the hostels you can have services such as cooking and cleaning. Likewise, you may have to live in the meeting or rest rooms with other people hosted . The bathroom can be collective or not, although it will always be separated by gender.

Why is it worth staying in a rural house?

Old Stone House

A cottage may seem a little different at first glance. However, that is only because it is not the most common. It’s probably not what you’re used to seeing when it comes to accommodation. But that’s why it’s so particular. No other accommodation will look like you .

To begin with, if you are interested in a rural area, this is the best option. Not only will the design resemble the buildings of the place, but you will even be able to live in the place. This will give you a much more genuine experience . At the same time you will have what you need.

Added to all the above, a rural house will keep you away from the noise and noise of the city . Few things are as refreshing as enjoying the natural environments and the fresh air of the mountains. It’s something that will do your mind and spirit good.

Advantages of rural houses

Spacious exteriors

Healthy environment

This is an advantage that we have already been stressing. Nothing like what you breathe in metropolises. The air is lighter and softer, the noise is less annoying and the pollution is less.

Pet accommodation

Pets are generally not accepted in most accommodations. However, this is not the case with a rural house in Galicia. In this you will be able to freely take your own . And not only that, it will also be an experience for your pet, enjoy the environment of a cottage during their holidays.

Diversity of choice

Rural house in Galicia - funThis advantage is related to the variety of types of cottages you can choose from. Of all of them there will be one that fits perfectly to your tastes and preferences. Therefore, you won’t have to settle for one that doesn’t convince you.

For example, on our website you have several options that can be very well adapted to what you are looking for. One with more comfort and luxury than the others. You only have to evaluate them. But the best thing is that if you travel in a group, if you pay together you will be saving a lot of money. Some of our houses have swimming pools and even wooden houses for children with games for the little ones to have fun. Being an excellent choice any rural house to travel with children in Galicia.

Interactive learning

This is an advantage impossible to equal . There are certainly many historical hotels and lodges. Although with a rural house you will be able to have guided visits, meetings with field activities, etc. Not in any accommodation include such a possibility to learn.

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