Quality restaurants in Pontevedra │ Meet our top 6

Quality restaurants in Pontevedra

To the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula in Spain, specifically in the community of Galicia is found Pontevedra. A city that is considered to be the most comfortable in Europe to live in and which also has great tourist potential.

In Pontevedra, locals and visitors have at their disposal a great variety of spectacular places to spend a pleasant and unforgettable time. Among these places have become very important, the restaurants .

And is that this city has an important number of places to eat. All different from each other in terms of environment and service. But undoubtedly, in them, big and small can taste varied and delicious dishes.

The restaurants of Pontevendra are characterized by their elegance and sobriety. Aspects that are combined with good food, so that each visit becomes a unique experience. Therefore, we present you the top 6 of the best and most renowned restaurants in this city .

1.-Culler de Pau

Culler de Pau
When talking about quality restaurants with good service in Pontevendra, the first name that comes up is Culler de Pau. This business is located in O Grove, from where it offers its diners a pleasant gastronomic journey.

In Culler de Pau they are specialists in Mediterranean, Spanish and European food.  And with each of their creations seek to awaken the senses of their customers, with unique flavors and full of nuances that endure in their memory.

To do this, they use natural and preferably seasonal products, in such a way that they agree with the climatic seasons. These products are very well selected and come from Galicia.

As far as the preparation of the same ones, they are plates with flavors, colors and textures that are delicious. But at the same time they are healthy, simple and harmonious. In such a way that the diner gets excited with each bite and enjoys it.

An atmosphere of elegance and comfort

The atmosphere and service also highlight the quality and elegance of this restaurant. The space has a minimalist design where natural light is filtered and wood and glass predominate. All this creates a relaxed atmosphere that is complemented by the view of the estuary. While the team, from the chef to the sommelier and waiters, strive to provide the best care. Proof of this is that customers can conceive the entire process of preparing the dishes. From the selection of the product until the dish is accompanied by a good wine.

The restaurant Culler de Pau is open every day except Tuesdays. And in addition to the good food, which has given it international recognition, visitors can enjoy a wide selection of wines.

Also, they will have to their disposition service for tasting and a great comfort. The restaurant has parking lots, wheelchair access, high chair for children and a free WiFi network.

Calle Reboredo, 73, 36980 O Grove, Pontevedra, España
+34 986 732 275
[email protected]

2.-Pepe Vieria

Pepe Vieira - Quality RestaurantsIn the middle of a natural environment you will find one of the most exclusive restaurants in Pontevedra: Pepe Vieira. A business where in addition to enjoying the most exquisite and extraordinary dishes, you will have at your disposal a wonderful view.

From the moment you enter Pepe Vieira you will begin to live a unique experience. And is that the sober and elegant atmosphere that is lived in the building is coupled with the nature that surrounds it. In addition, you will have a complete view of the preparation of dishes, starting with appetizers.

The food of this restaurant seeks precisely to be an intermediary between nature and the diner. This is of Galician origin, but with innovative gastronomic elements that have been added by its exclusive chef: Pepe Vieira .

This character’s inspiration has been enriched by the different cultures of the countries he has visited. Hence, in each dish he seeks to tell a story with a mixture of the traditional and the modern.

Customized service

The service, it is at the height of the place. Each diner receives a personalized treatment that makes the experience even more enjoyable. As an additional point, the restaurant gives the option to eat on the terrace, thus having a spectacular view.

This place can be visited every day except Mondays. It offers parking, reservations, child seats and wheelchair access. It is ideal for any occasion whether it is shared with family, couple or friends.

Camiño da Serpe s/n Raxó, Poio – Pontevedra
+34 986 741 378
[email protected]



If you are seafood lovers and you live or are visiting Pontevedra you can not stop going to D’Berto. More than a restaurant it is a seafood restaurant. A family business whose concept and good service has made it worthy of a prize Best Seafood and Fish Restaurant 2014.

The restaurant D’Berto is run by its own owners. It is Berto himself who is in charge of selecting each of the seafood served. While his sister Marisol prepares the various dishes, either steamed, grilled, stewed or grilled.

They have a unique gastronomic proposal

All this under a unique gastronomic proposal in which prevails large specimens. Which are prepared and presented with very natural techniques to preserve their flavor, typical of the Galician coast. In this way the diner lives a pleasant and unforgettable culinary experience.

But also D´Berto has a rich selection of desserts. It also offers its customers a wide range of wines to accompany each meal. The bottles are very well selected and include in their selection both Spanish and foreign.

The restaurant has an excellent service and offers its customers, reservations, parking, wheelchair access and children’s chairs. In other words, it is ideal for the whole family and people of any age.

Av. Teniente Domínguez 84, 36980 O Grove (Pontevedra)
+34 986 733 447
[email protected]

4.-Pepe Solla

Pepe Solla

It can be said that the Restaurant Pepe Solla is one of the most exclusive in Pontevedra. With its nine tables placed in a space of contemporary design inside a classic building, visiting it is a unique experience.

Here customers can taste a wide variety of European food, especially Spanish contemporary style. It also offers options for vegetarians, vegans and even for what they need to eat gluten-free. In other words, the dishes are adapted to the customer’s requirements.

In addition to the main course, each menu at Pepe Solla includes snacks and appetizers, a selection of sweet cheeses, chocolates, water and coffee. Among its most emblematic dishes is fish accompanied by potatoes in caldeirada.

More than 300 wine options

In addition, the service offers wine pairing for the menus. This restaurant has a wine cellar with more than 300 options. Bottles brought from all over Spain and other European countries.

The dishes are created by Pepe Solla himself, a lover of the kitchen who has been characterized by seeking perfection.  But he also has vast experience. This love for what he does leads him to be himself, who sometimes explains to customers what they are eating.

As for service and attention, it’s first class. This restaurant opens its doors from Tuesday to Sunday and allows reservations.

Avda. Sineiro, 7. 36005 San Salvador de Poio – Pontevedra
+34 986 872 884
[email protected]

5.-Yayo Daporta

Yayo Daporta
Since 2005, when it opened its doors in the central Rúa Hospital, Yayo Daporta became a reference restaurant in Pontevedra. Visitors will live the experience of entering an old-designed building, but will taste its modern and exquisite dishes.

The specialty of the house is Galician food. It has been especially outstanding in the preparation of dishes based on seafood and fish. All of them elaborated with the most modern culinary techniques, without leaving aside the region’s own tradition. Thus presenting an extraordinary menu.

In addition, Yayo Daporta offers its guests the most varied selection of wines to combine with food. Many of them are produced in Galicia. The best thing is that the cellar of this restaurant is of free access, so that the client chooses the wine of his preference.

A team that seeks to provide the best service

As for its team, this restaurant has as its main chef the experienced Yayo Daporta . While the wine cellar and the room are in charge of the Sumiller Esther Daporta. This woman has an extensive knowledge of wines, which she does not hesitate to put at the service of customers.

Both are accompanied by an excellent staff willing to provide the best attention to the diners. In such a way that they live an unforgettable gastronomic experience. What they achieve through the explanation of each dish, an impeccable presentation and an extraordinary flavor.

For all this, Yayo Daporta has earned the preference of customers, who do not hesitate to praise and recommend their dishes. In addition, they have earned him a Michelin star, recognition that was granted in 2008. While since 2015 it has had two Repsol suns.

Rúa Hospital, 7 CAMBADOS 36630 Pontevedra
+34 986 526 062
[email protected]

6.-Ollares da Ría

Ollares da Ría

For those who enjoy eating while observing nature, the Restaurant Ollares da Ría , will be ideal. From its interior, beautifully decorated under the minimalist trend, diners have a pleasant view of the Ria de Pontevedra. Just like from the terrace.

Visitors can taste in it the most delicious dishes, typical of the Spanish cuisine, which is his specialty. Among the delicacies it offers are: seafood rice, warm cod, chipirones encebollados, baked fish, bombondigas and a wide variety of desserts.

A calm and relaxed atmosphere

Its quiet and relaxed atmosphere is ideal for family dinners, romantic evenings or business meetings. It also has a bar where live music is presented.

From the chef to the waiters of Ollares da Ría they strive to provide the best service to their clients. This undoubtedly makes the exquisite food even more enjoyable and has earned it great acceptance and preference. Some of these good impressions have been shared on the Internet.

The restaurant is open from Monday to Monday, from 1:30 pm and allows reservations. Parking, wheelchair access, high chairs for children and free WiFi are also available. In other words, everything the client needs to have a pleasant time.

Lugar Laxe, 19A, 36960 href=”/sanxenxo/” title=”Sanxenxo”Sanxenxo, Pontevedra
+34 617 70 57 71


You know the 6 best restaurants in Pontevedra . In them, we guarantee that you will have an incredible experience. You deserve to eat as God commands. Treat yourself to one of these weekends and delight your palate. These places are waiting for you.