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Tourist guide of Poio

Are you looking for a cultural site that also allows you to relax for a vacation? Well, don’t say any more, you have to stay a few days in Poio, belonging to the province of Pontevedra and come back soon. It’s likely that in a few days you won’t be able to get to know and discover everything the city has to offer tourists.

From those looking for a beach to relax, to treasure hunters. Even those who are fanatics of history have a space in this city. Quite close to the main city, it is the ideal balance between comfort and culture.

It is necessary that we walk with attention every corner of this city. If we miss something, we may want to repent. So get your camera ready to take the best pictures to remember this moment of the trip.

Holiday homes in Poio (Pontevedra)

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 Knowing the area

¿What to see in Poio?

What to see in Poio

The reality is there’s too much to see. From the historical corners to the beaches. Not forgetting restaurants and hotels. All in a historic cultural atmosphere that can leave more than one surprised.

Monastery of Poio

Monastery of Poio

All the architecture of the oldest buildings is a spectacle worth seeing. It is necessary to sit for a moment to appreciate the art with which these monuments are elaborated. Above all, we must pay attention to the Museum and the Monastery that we can find in the locality.

Very close, we can visit the archaeological area near the town. Where we can see some hieroglyphics hundreds of thousands of years old.

Poio Beach

Poio Beach

Close to all these historical wonders, in Poio we have one of the most beautiful beaches. Without a doubt, one of the best places to visit with a great variety of interesting sites. And of course, we can’t forget the summer camps that always take place.

This has Poio for you.

What do you have for us? A mixture between the seafaring culture, for the location in which it is and the rurality. Everything in a homogeneous combination between history and Spanish culture. A place that cannot go unnoticed by any traveller.

The charms of the Poio coast can be seen together with the inner attractions of the town. It is precisely in the routes of the mills, place of great importance, where this combination is best seen.

But there is not only a great variety of attractions. Also in the vicinity. If you’re willing to travel a little, you’ll find some places that would interest you as well. Without a doubt, you won’t be left with nothing to do during your stay in this small location.

 Excursions and Activities

What to do in Poio?

If we want to discover unique areas, we can do the “Ruta das Fervenzas”. On the way we will find old mills and we can appreciate the passage of time in their constructions.

Mills in Poio

If we follow the route of this route, we will find different waterfalls. Each one better than the previous one. All a spectacle of the nature that is worth to enjoy. It is possible to arrive by car until the entrance of the route, but the place to park is almost nonexistent. You must bear this in mind, as if you decide to go by bicycle, it will be a good option.

Ruta das Fervenzas Poio

Tourist Attractions

First of all, if you are in this city, Combarro you are only one step away. A construction made on the shore of the sea, which offers an unforgettable view. It is better to bring a camera for a few photographs.

Then we have the San Juan de Poio Monastery . A surprising structure that is a symbol of the people. It stands out for its recognized church of the XVII century. An emblematic place for its antiquity and that without a doubt we must visit.

Finally, we have the “Centro Arqueológico de A Caeira”. A place that we cannot leave aside, where we will be able to find everything. In its best expression, we can see some rocks of the cave art of great dimensions.

Excursions and sites of interest

Don’t you know where to go in Poio? Do you come as a family, with friends or your partner? Don’t worry, the Casal de Ferreirós Tourist Office is your solution.

If you are visiting Poio you should take a walk here. It is the best place to select the tourist sites you want to visit. In addition, it can guide you with some excursions to move more easily. It’s the best way to get to know everything in the small town.

 Where to Eat

Where to Eat in Poio

The restaurants in Poio are of the highest quality. The vast majority of them are between 4 and 5 stars. So we will have a food of guaranteed quality. We will enjoy the best food the locality has to offer.

Although in Poio they are very coastal, food menus can vary greatly. This will depend on the restaurants we decide to visit. And here it comes to be very much to the taste of tourists, since there is an interesting variety of dishes to try.

One of the most recognized restaurants is “La Casa de Pepe”, located in the center. But to try other good places for lunch and dinner we have:

  • El Cafetín.
  • Viñoteca Bagos.
  • Casa Fidel O’Pulpeiro.
  • Eirado da Leña.
  • La Pepita Burger Bar.
  • O Remo.

Of all of them, we recommend the Asador O’Remo, however, it is necessary to book or have a lot of luck when you arrive. It is a very crowded place, its exceptional quality and its prices make it the favorite of many people.

 Enjoy the day in Poio

Climate and weather in Poio

For those looking for a specific date, they should check Poio’s climate at that time. The weather can cause the climate to vary in this locality. It can be very cold or quite hot. The latter is quite frequent in the summer season.

Between June and October, the temperature can be very varied. It can drop to 11° and rise to a maximum of 26°. Meanwhile, in the rest of the months, the temperature tends to be more stable in terms of freshness.


Poio, Spain

 How to get there

How to get to Poio?

To get to Poio, we have to do it on the road. Then we have three fundamental options: bus, taxi or car, personal or rental. It is necessary to emphasize that this will depend on the type of trip we want to make.

From the bus, we only have one station really close. Which is 5.05 kilometers from downtown and the trip is really short. The same happens with the train station, which from Pontevedra is about 6 kilometers.

Despite Pontevedra being the main place of arrival, we have two other options. We can take the Sineiro or O Vao road to get directly to Poio. Of course it depends on our geographical location of arrival.