Illa de Arousa

Tourist guide of Illa de Arousa

Have you ever been to the beautiful seaside town of Pontevedra called A Illa de Arousa? In fact it is a island of the Arousa estuary that is a true natural paradise . If you want to discover this wonder, here we bring you all the information you must have in your power to get the most out of your stay.

A Illa de Arousa

A Illa de Arousa is not just any municipality but it is the unique island municipality of Galicia , a fact that gives it a special charm. However, this is not its only attraction, as its history goes back to the Palaeolithic and Bronze Ages, when the island was already inhabited by the men of that time. Its historical heritage and its strategic enclave give it a very interesting air of distinction. Dare to explore it!

 How to get there

How to get to Illa de Arousa?

To get to the island of Arousa, it is necessary to cross the bridge that joins it with the peninsula, which starts from Vilanova de Arousa.

Vilanova is between “Villagarcía de Arousa” and Cambados, so the easiest thing to do is to follow the directions to “Villagarcía”, which are more frequent. Depending on where you come from, you will find signs to go to vilanova before arriving at Villagarcía. If you arrive in Villagarcía it will not be a problem, as it is only a few minutes away.

If you are on holiday in the area, we recommend you to plan your itinerary, as you have places such as Catoira and Sanxenxo on the brink. In addition to being able to enjoy one of our rural houses.

 Excursions and Activities

What to do in the Illa de Arousa?

Here are some activities to do in Illa de Arousa.

Kayak to the islet of Areoso

Kayak to the islet of Areoso
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Enjoy the beautiful Islet of Areoso by kayaking. This adventure is valid for friends and family.

You can choose different routes , so you can enjoy the coast of Carreirón National Park on your way back from the Islet..

Routes usually last between 4 and 8 hours , depending on the point of departure and arrival you choose..

You will have a map using a mobile application, which will guide you at all times. It also includes transportation from the meeting point to the departure point, as well as the return.

Shellfish workshop

Shellfish workshop
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This Shellfish workshop invites you to learn about the life of Galician shellfish workers. La Illa de Arousa, a fishing village par excellence, has always had an unbreakable bond with shellfish..

This activity is suitable for the whole family. It takes place in a safe and accessible environment, always thought with respect for the sea.

Participants will discover where seafood comes from and the methods used to catch it.

This activity is guided by a professional shellfisherman, who will guide you through the day to day of your profession. We will get to know the arts used, such as differentiating species and details about production, harvesting and sale.

It is necessary a minimum of 8 people to perform the activity, which has a length of 2 hours ..

 Tourist Attractions

What to visit in the Illa de Arousa?

If you are wondering what to see in A Illa de Arousa, here we suggest some destinations that will satisfy your desire to know the island. Don’t hesitate to visit them!

Carreirón Natural Park

Carreirón Natural Park

Located to the south of the Illa de Arousa, the Carreirón Natural Park is a special area for birds.

Part of its territory was declared an International Zone of Special Protection for Birds, specifically the Punta de Carreirón.

Punta Cabalo Lighthouse

Punta Cabalo Lighthouse

Punta Cabalo Lighthouse was built in 1852. Nowadays it has become a bar – restaurant where you can have a drink while contemplating the beautiful estuary.

Viewpoint Con do Forno “O Santo”

Viewpoint Con do Forno

This viewpoint is 63 meters above sea level. It is the highest area of the Illa de Arousa. Its name comes from the similarity of its stones, eroded over the years, to an ancient bread oven.

Bridge of A Illa de Arousa

Bridge of A Illa de Arousa

This recently built viaduct connects the island with the mainland through Vilanova de Arousa. It is worth going to see it, as it is one of the longest bridges in Europe . And besides, the views to the beach from there are really spectacular!

If you go with time, you can visit the Well of Abilleira , is one of the most representative monuments of the place of very old origin that was built to take advantage of the flow of a small stream that passed through there. In the place you can observe the old washing places of the village. This site was recently restored thanks to a grant from the Diputación de Pontevedra, which was included in the rehabilitation program of the historical-cultural heritage of the province.

 Where to Eat

Where to Eat in A Illa de Arousa

Eat in A Illa de Arousa

There are many restaurants in the area that offer different culinary proposals:

In “O Porto” And “O Avó Chapó” both local and other fast food dishes are served at very good prices.

Other quality restaurants offering a wide range of local products are “O Risón”-specialists in casseroles, rice and seafood- and “Pescador”, which specializes in fish stew and seafood rice.

Other options of cheaper places are for example “The Bar Clube”, a restaurant at the foot of port considered by its clients as rich and cheap and where the food is varied and abundant.

 Enjoy A Illa de Arousa

Climate and weather in A Illa de Arousa

The best time to enjoy the Illa de Arousa is from May to September , where its minimum temperatures are above 11º and with maximums between 16º and 24º.

In summer you can enjoy the excellent climate of the area and normally there is little wind. This allows you to do water activities such as kayaking or scuba diving and enjoy them 100%.

Illa de Arousa, Spain