Rural Houses in Combarro

Combarro is a very special village, with a great tourist attraction and a lot of visitors. If you are looking for a rural house in Combarro you must book in advance. This type of accommodation is the rarest in this city.

Depending on the type of experience you want to live, you will find different offers. You can enjoy a holiday rental for 75€ per person per night in one of the best houses in the area. These types of vacation rentals are ideal for couples who want a romantic getaway. It is also the ideal accommodation if you have pets, as they are allowed.

Explore over Combarro History

In Combarro you have a multitude of leisure options at your fingertips. Rúa do Mar is the best known. Here you can find the best restaurants in Combarro and also many local craft shops. In addition, it is the street where its famous hórreos are located. You should know that it was declared a cultural asset as a Historic Site and also as a Historic Site.

Combarro Marina
 Cómo Llegar

Access to the Village

To visit the village of Combarro it is convenient to arrive by car. If you are travelling from another country, you should know that the nearest airports are:

  • Vigo Airport (VGO) a 36 Km
  • Santiago de Compostela Airport (SCQ) a 77 Km
  • A Coruña Airport (LCG) a 132 Km
  • Oporto-Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport (OPO) a 176 Km

For the journey by car, it is necessary to get to Pontevedra (unless you come from a nearby area in Galicia, which may have some shorter alternative route) and head towards Poio/Villagarcía. Once on the PO-310 you will see the indications to continue on the PO-308 towards Combarro.

When you enter the village, you will see its marina, which has a parking, although this is a fee. If you continue to leave the port on your left, you will see plenty of places to park your car. It will also depend on the time of year, you may find yourself with little room to leave your car. It’s a matter of patience.

rua do mar in combarro
 Where to Eat

Gastronomy of sea

Is an ideal place to eat the best seafood in Galicia. Being a seafaring town par excellence, it boasts a very good product. Whether you are looking for a restaurant to eat octopus in Galicia, or a good paella, here you will have a wide range. In the commented street of the sea you have good restaurants for all the tastes. You will be able to enjoy good wines and beautiful views to the side of the sea.

 Time and Weather

Weather in Catoira

It has a temperature between 5º and 30º. It is rare that it drops below 5º in winter or exceeds 30º in summer. The best time of year is from June to September, when summer temperatures are very good. In winter it has the Galician sailor charm which is very special. At high tides, you can see how the sea water travels through the streets closest to the coast. You can even see fish swimming on sidewalks.

 Tourist Attractions

Places to visit

You can’t visit Combarro and not walk its main streets, contemplating the history of a town that maintains its roots. Its hórreos near the water, where the products received by sea were stored in the past. It has an excellent marina and if you want to sunbathe, both sides of the village have beaches. Both “Praia de Pinela” and “Praia da Canteira” are quite quiet.

Hórreos in Combarro

Hórreos in Combarro

Walk its streets

“When you arrive you will be able to see along the village its picturesque hórreos. Most of them have been restored and well cared for, strengthening the history of the area.

 Excursions and Places of Interest

Activities you can do

Advantage of Combarro is that it is very close to everything. You have a few minutes drive to Sanxenxo on one side and Pontevedra on the other side.