Rural houses to travel with children in Galicia

With all the boom of rural houses it is natural that so many people are interested in booking one. That’s one of the reasons why it’s sometimes hard to find one that’s available. It is something that complicates everything, but does not manage to stop those who really want this type of accommodation .

However, it is more difficult to travel with children. This is because it raises many other variables that complicate some aspects when booking. Although it is worth facing them in order to give yours an unforgettable experience. And now we will teach you the keys to do it well.

Rural houses to travel with children in Galicia 1Cas do Mestre – a rural house with a playhouse for children

Reasons to travel with your children to a rural house

We have already said that traveling with children can make it difficult to travel to a rural home. This causes many parents to choose to travel alone. However, it is unfortunate that they miss out on a lot of positive effects it would have on their children. So, there are several reasons to take yours with you:

Contact with a new environment

At early ages people are impressed by most of the things they see. That’s why a change of scenery like the rural house can be so significant for your children . After all, it is a place with a very different style from the one they are probably used to.

Contact with a new environment also gives rise to curiosity. And a curious child is driven to learn even unconsciously. Already with any questions that yours ask about the environment, they will be accumulating fresh knowledge.

House for children in Villa RaxeiraHouse for children in Villa Raxeira

Family connection

In a cottage you and your family will be detached from routine. This involves school, homework and everything that usually prevents them from sharing as a family. However, in this kind of accommodation there are all the circumstances that lead to that.

The calm and cosy atmosphere, the coexistence in a different house and the activities that are carried out in the rural houses. These are all factors that will bring your family members closer together . Consequently, they will recover the union that everyday life tends to break.

Recovery of value by nature

For many parents this topic is easily dispensable. But in the world in which we live, it is important to start taking care of the environment. And we must inculcate it to our children, since they are the future generations.

Fortunately for you, rural houses are an ideal space to promote that respect and responsibility for nature. Being in an environment like this you will be able to exemplify to them much better the role of the environment in our lives. Likewise, they may even end up loving nature.

House with VineyardEira Grande has a unique charm

How to choose the perfect rural house to take your children?

Make sure to include entertainment items

Children find in toys a whole world of fun. So it would be wrong for you to go to a country house that doesn’t have even one. Especially if your children are reluctant to the idea.

Cards, action figures, board games, any toy will convince them. Of course you can and should bring some of the ones that are at home. Although trying some new ones will be an unforgettable experience for them. That way even if they resisted at first, they will end up happy.

House with BilliardsThere are houses with fun for Big and Small

Verify that there is enough space

The children are practically in perpetual motion. It is therefore essential that they have enough space to do so while staying in the rural house. Whether inside or outside, they will need to be able to get around without problems. And even more so if they meet new friends in it.

But make sure the floor is safe. They should not run in slippery places or on weak floors. You should also check that there are fences in the courtyards. With this you prevent them from going too far from where you are.

If it’s summer choose one with swimming pool

swimming pool with wooden floorEnjoying a country house with swimming pool can make all the difference

At a time like summer a swimming pool becomes an ideal place to cool down. In addition, allow children to play with each other, always with your supervision . All this can be a reason for them to be willing to go with a good attitude.

It is worth mentioning that the pool in the rural house should have a fence and a non-slip floor. Both elements prevent any possible accident , and thus nothing will tarnish the final enjoyment of the trip and the stay.

Keep the owners close to you

If you do not know the area where the rural house is located, you will find yourself misplaced. Consequently, if you need to use a service or solve an emergency, it will be convenient for you to have the owners close by. In this way, you will be able to consult them in this kind of situations, and receive the pertinent help. It should be noted that in Galicia Villas the rental is always direct with the owners. You can contact them at any time. They will also advise you about places to visit or activities to do.

Consider the presence of spaces to play

This is as fundamental as toys.

Take into account rooms

Rural Tourism House for 6 people - Complete

This section has to do first of all with the location of the rooms. If your children are already grown up, you may want to reserve one for them alone. However, you should make sure that it is close to yours . Otherwise you expose them to not being able to turn to you in case of any inconvenience.

On the other hand, it is also possible that you have a baby. In this case the booking must have a cot. Or if you prefer to bring your own, make sure there is enough space for you to put it in without any problems.

Final advice: That the bathroom works well

Going to the bathroom is one of the most complex tasks parents have when traveling with children. Therefore, it is best to check that the facilities are fully functional, to avoid inconvenience . Carefully check your stay when you arrive. If you notice any damage, let us know immediately. If you have any doubt, the owners are there to advise you. It is better to ask in time than to regret not having done so.

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