Rural Tourism in Baiona

Ready to get to know a beautiful coastal town of Pontevedra? If you are going to this province, we recommend you to visit Baiona since there are many activities you can do as well as emblematic places to visit. Take note!


Carabela La Pinta in Baiona
Baiona is a tourist village in the north of Spain famous for its privileged location and its proximity to Portugal, the neighbouring country. It is a place with a lot of history since it was to this beautiful coast where the caravel “La Pinta” arrived announcing the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus in 1492. Many of its monuments reflect this important event.

 Restaurants and Fast Food

Where to Eat in Baiona

Baiona offers different alternatives to enjoy a good meal depending on your budget and the type of food you want to taste. Here we present our favorites, we hope you enjoy them:

Bocateria Baioca

Bocateria Baioca: a hamburger restaurant in this little village specialising in fast food, where you can take a variety of menus at a very affordable price. It is located in Av. Ramón y Cajal, 10, 36300 Bayona, Pontevedra.

El corralito

El corralito is a restaurant with a certificate of excellence thanks to the quality offered by different Spanish dishes and including vegetarian dishes. It is located in Rúa Ventura Misa, 7, 36300 Baiona, Pontevedra.


Manduca is a fast food site with a very varied menu. It stands out for having a good service and being quite fast. The sandwiches are very generous and have a very good price. Located in Rúa Cidade de Vigo, 2 Bj, 36300 Baiona, Pontevedra.

Restaurant Baiña

Restaurante Baiña If you are looking for a restaurant for a seafood or typical dishes of the area, this is a good option. Although it has become popular and may have many people in summer, prices are very much in line with the quality of their dishes. Location: Rúa Herminio Ramos, 11, 36300 Baiona, Pontevedra.

 Places to visit

Places to visit in Baiona

There are many places of interest to visit in this little village as well as leisure activities to do. Let’s have a look!

Monterreal Fortress

Monterreal Fortress

Opening: 10:00 to 22:00 hours

Undoubtedly, the most characteristic place of the municipality that is worth seeing taking a long walk along its outer perimeter and thus enjoying its wonderful views of the sea especially in good weather. It is also possible to access the upper part of the castle and walk along its walls from the inside… Spectacular!

Virgin of the Rock

Virgin of the Rock

You can climb through it.

Beautiful monument carved in rock to the virgin located in a privileged enclave. In order to reach it, it is necessary to take a short walk through the mountains, culminating in a narrow spiral staircase. From there, the sea views are amazing!

Baiña River Fluvial Path

Baiña River Fluvial Path

Hiking route.

If you enjoy the contact with nature you can make this route next to the river with family and friends. It is a short walk of 1.5 km but very pleasant and picturesque.

 Excursions and Places of Interest

Activities you can do

Here are some additional activities to do in this area.

Pinta Caravel Museum

Pinta Caravel Museum

Replica of the original.

This is the visit to the replica of “La Pinta” that is so relevant to the history of this town. After paying a couple of euros, you will be allowed to get on the boat, take some photos and see the explanatory panels. A curious visit with a lot of charm!

In its interior we will be able to know the curiosities of the trips made, how they stored the food and have a perspective of the little space they had.

Sailboat rentals

Rent of Sailboats, Yachts and JetSky

Also rowing boats

Very close to Vigo, in the marina of Baiona we have nautical charter companies. In this way we can rent Sailboats to spend the day, a Yacht to know the area or make a ride on JetSky. At the same time, there is the possibility of renting rowing boats if we want to make a more classic route.

Diving in Baiona

Diving in Baiona

Discover Scuba Diving and Courses

In the same marina, we have Baysub. An excellent diving center where its owner and Instructor David can guide us to enjoy this activity to the maximum. It offers dives both for expert divers and for those who want to breathe underwater for the first time. An experience that everyone should try.

You can consult more information and reservations in their website.

 Weather and Climate

A paradise within Galicia

Baiona has a temperature between 8º and 24º. It rarely drops below 4º in winter or exceeds 30º in summer. The best time of year is from June to September, when temperatures are excellent. In winter you have the limitation of the cold to use the beaches, but you will be able to enjoy the best seafood of the zone.

 How to get there

Vigo, Baiona by car or Airplane

One of the great advantages of Baiona is the proximity of Vigo Airport (VGO). From here you can rent a car and get there comfortably, or go by taxi. There are about 30 kilometers from one to the other. By car from anywhere in Galicia or Spain, is like going to Vigo, we will take the AP-9 direction Vigo and when we are close, we will see the directions.