Snorkel in the Cíes Islands

Snorkel in the Cíes Islands

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3 / 4 hours


Know how to swim


minimun 4


50 € / person

The snorkel is one of the favorite aquatic activities of visitors because it is a direct experience with the marine world. Its development is carried out with the support of professional experts who train the user and accompany him at all times.

The Snorkel in the Cíes Islands is the best aquatic activity that can be done. Diving in these waters is an incredible experience that should be included in our checklist of life. It can be done individually, with friends or family. There are no risks in its development and anyone can live this adventure.

Duration of the snorkel in the Cíes Islands

To get to the Cíes Islands the journey takes half an hour. The route includes passing by the Sailing Coast , famous for its virgin cliffs. We will also see the Cabo Home lighthouse, which is one of the highest in Galicia. At the end of the adventure, we return to the base camp where we can take a shower and change clothes in the changing rooms.

The activity takes place in the privileged environment of the Atlantic Islands for one hour. During this time we can comfortably enjoy the marine life, its fauna and flora. An incredible natural reserve awaits us in the Cíes Islands.

On every dive you will have a specialized snorkel guide. It is always done in coastal areas to minimize risks. Among the natural and maritime attractions that we will see, the corals, the magnificent sand and the variety of fishes stand out.

For the total duration of the activity, we must have about 3/4 hours

Price of Snorkel Cíes Island

This is the preferred activity of visitors to the area because it is a unique and incomparable experience. Each seabed offers different proposals, colors and species very authentic, worth appreciating. The price of snorkeling in the Cíes Islands is paid for the entire activity.

For this activity, we must calculate that we will occupy the morning or afternoon. Keep in mind that we must change and make the transfer to the island from Sanxenxo.

It costs 50 euros/person for a minimum group of 4 people. In case you want to increase the time on the island, you must warn in advance.

We recommend you to live this experience with your family so that you can share with them, live and live, the wonders of the sea. This island is located in an archipelago in the province of Pontevedra, right in the mouth of the Vigo estuary.

Requirements for snorkeling in Cíes

Snorkeling in the Cíes Islands is a familiar activity. That is to say, any member of the family can be part of this experience. However, it takes place in the sea, very close to the coast.

Those who wish to sign up for this wonderful life of sea diving need only know how to swim. It is the only requirement that the company requests to allow you to snorkel in the Cíes Islands or anywhere.

Snorkeling helps us see the world in a different way, one we’ve never been able to appreciate. It allows us to come into direct contact with a new and energetic environment. Sign up for this fantastic activity that will leave you full of life.

Cíes Snorkel Booking

If you have a reservation with Galicia Villas, you can request the activity through us and we will manage it. All our clients enjoy a special rate.

If you want to book directly the snorkeling activity in the Cíes Islands and you do not have an accommodation contract, you can do so on the website of our activity partner (Portosub).

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Snorkel in the Cíes Islands
Snorkel in the Cíes Islands 1

Enjoy the experience of a Snorkel outing in the Cíes Islands.

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