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Paddle surfing is an aquatic discipline really shocking because it transmits us a great calm and peace. It is an activity that is developed on a surfboard, but under another modality. It is combined with the paddle which is done standing on the board. If the snorkel in the Cíes Islands is fun for you, try Paddle Surfing.

You will live an experience of authority, strength and power, something that only paddle surfing can give us. Being on the board gives us the sensation of walking on the water .

With the help of a paddle we can move around the sea . Be part of this discipline and share it with friends, family and acquaintances. The time has come!

You also have the option of enjoying the Cíes Islands with this activity, although in this case, the minimum group is 2 people.

From our experience, it is one of the preferred activities of those who visit our rural houses in Galicia. Together with the Discover Scuba Diving or boat rentals , these are moments that will fill your holidays with emotions.

Duration of the paddle surf

When you start paddle surfing you will surely want the activity never to end . And it is not for less, to be on the board, to sail on the calm waters and to feel the breeze of the sea is indescribable, we never want it to end. However, this process lasts one hour, where the participant crosses an area of calm waters with good visibility.

There are also more interesting packages. Like renting the paddle surfboard all day until you get tired. You can buy boards for two people and go in the company of your partner.

The equipment is easy to transport which will not waste valuable time in your navigation. Going from one end of the coast to the other all the day is a worthwhile experience. Time varies according to your needs and budget.

Price of Paddle Surf in Sanxenxo

Maybe this paddle surf experience is priceless, and you’ll know what I’m talking about when you try it for the first time. It’s an activity that allows us to reach places we never thought we’d reach. All this can be achieved with a payment of 15 euros per hour .

If you want to the table for two people is about 25 euros . If you want to a guide on your route you must pay 25 euros more for personal attention and training.

If on the other hand you want to an entire day of paddle surf , know beyond the waters and live new experiences, the cost is 50 euros for the rental of the board. If you want more experiences the price increases, but in an affordable way.

In the case of the Cíes Islands, the price is 35€ per person, this includes travel from Sanxenxo to the Cíes and the development of the activity.

Requirements for Stand Up Paddle Surf

Paddle surfing is a very harmless water activity. However, its practice requires some important elements. These have nothing to do with years of experience or being experts in surfing. But it is recommended as a minimum requirement to know how to walk .

In spite of being a calm modality, it includes moving away from the shore. Water may be our best calm, but in a fraction of a second it may be more aggressive. Before this it is important to know that rowing, we will reach the coast without major difficulty.

On the other hand, minimizing risks is fundamental. To do so, follow the instructions of the coast guard, lifeguard and limitations of the beach. It is necessary to be conscious and enjoy paddle surfing in a healthy way. We know that adrenaline invites you to go further, but doing it with sanity is the main requirement .

Stand Up Paddle Surf

If you have a reservation with Galicia Villas , you can request the activity through us and we will manage it. All our clients enjoy a special rate. Remember that it is necessary to know how to swim.

If you want to book directly a Paddle Surf outing and you do not have an accommodation, you can do so on the website of our activity partner (Portosub).

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Paddle Surf surprises more and more people every day ⚡ Enjoy this activity in Galicia ⚓ It can also be done in the Cíes Islands ✅ Check details.

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