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Discover Scuba Diving

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2 to 3 hours


Know how to swin. 16 years old.


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70 € / person

The diving baptism is the initial experience that every amateur of this aquatic discipline takes. It is the moment in which it decides to realize its first immersion without knowing absolutely nothing of the subject. He only has a small idea and he is passionate about it. The development of this activity is very important because it opens the doors to the underwater world.

Knowing the world under the sea is a completely enjoyable experience and maybe you’ll catch so much rage that you’ll turn it into a profession. This is what allows the baptism of diving, to determine if yours is under the sea or above it. Live this experience and find out if you are made for it.

Duration of the Baptism of Diving in Galicia

Baptism of Diving in Galicia

Baptism of diving is considered a initiation of the activity , which takes time. In one day you will be able to learn everything about diving and even dive into its waters. Hand in hand with a group of professionals who will always accompany you.

No previous diving experience is required . They consist of a theoretical part which explains what diving is and everything about its equipment. From how to use them, how to treat them and their care. The activity is complemented with a practical session directly to the sea.

This translates into two or three hours of activity . Anyone can take part in this wonderful experience by following the PADI instructor’s instructions to the letter. Immerse yourself in this magical activity of diving in controlled spaces. Safety is paramount in this type of experience, so it is done in a controlled area and always at a safe depth.

Discover Scuba Diving Price

Baptism Diving Price

The baptism of diving is made under strict norms of security and always with a group of people reduced by instructor . As they are completely new to the discipline, greater vigilance and control is required during the practical session.

All this includes professional guides, a theoretical training session , diving equipment and other elements. Depending on where we select to do the practical part, there may be an increase in the price. If it is done in the beach area in Sanxenxo and surroundings, which is completely conditioned for the activity, it has no surcharge and are 70€ per person . If we want to make the baptism of diving in the islands cíes, this will have a surcharge of 25€.

The price of the Discover Scuba Diving includes:

  • All material necessary for the development of the activity
  • The diving equipment specialized.
  • Training theoretical and practical.
  • Transfers from the dive center to the dive site.
  • As an extra element, you can request photographs or videos of the moment.

Requirements to carry out the Diving Activity

Diving Requirements

Like any water activity, no matter how beginner you are, it is important to have some considerations. It is necessary to know how to swim and be at least 16 years old . In Galicia, it is an indispensable requirement to be able to go to sea with a diving equipment.

You must be in good physical shape , since diving is a sport, and as such, it wastes energy.

When you arrive at the dive center, you will take a medical questionnaire. It is important to answer sincerely, as this filter allows you to detect possible incompatibilities with diving.

If you have doubts about your physical condition, ask the instructor first . In the case of people with diabetes or a disability, it is important to warn in advance. The site has instructors with training in diving with disabilities, but it is necessary to make certain preparations depending on the type of disability.

Knowing how to swim freely can make things easier. Knowing how to move your feet and arms can improve the development of the activity. However, follow the instructions in your guide , since underwater arms are not used to move around.

It is also important that the person is not afraid, trust the team and themselves . The baptism of diving is a safe activity, and the guides have a wide formation and experience, so that the activity is pleasant and unique.

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If you have a reservation with Galicia Villas, you can request the activity through us and we will manage it. All our clients enjoy a special rate.

If you want to book directly a baptism and you do not have an accommodation, you can do so on the website of our activity partner (Portosub).

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Discover Scuba Diving
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Enjoy a Discover Scuba Diving in Galicia. Live emotions of breathing underwater. An adventure that you must live at least once in your life.

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