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One of the best experiences we can live is sailing in the sea. With boat rental we can spend an entertaining day with family or friends. It is a route by the sea in one or several boats, depending on the chosen plan.

Offers range from a simple sunbathing walk to the development of aquatic activities. Even if you want to celebrate a party with your friends or family, this is the best option. Dare to celebrate any day of the year under a maritime style full of emotion, innovations and comforts.

Duration of boat charter

Boat Rental

Boat charter is a very popular activity for those looking to experience new sensations . From a few hours to a full day, it is possible to navigate through delicious and calm waters under a party atmosphere or walk.

Rental time varies depending on the type of package requested. You can enjoy some four hours of day or night navigation . Also, there are proposals of 8 hours enjoying the best rays of the sun and an unequalled beach climate.

But if you want to celebrate a birthday, a bachelor party with your closest friends, then you’ll have a whole day to do it. 24 hours of action and emotion with the participation of a skipper to make the trip more comfortable and safe.

Turn your days of leisure and entertainment around with this boat rental system. An incredible opportunity to spend different moments at sea.

Booking price for skippered boats

Skippered Boats

Depending on the type of package you select, the prices have some variations. All include the skipper , who is responsible for carrying and controlling the boat. This while you are enjoying with your family and friends.

Luxury options are priced higher because they include a 14 meter yacht with two 350 hp engines, double cabins, two bathrooms and a saloon kitchen. They enter 11 passengers for an amount of 850 euros . If you are looking for something cheaper, for only 340 euros you can have a smaller yacht for four hours .

If you want the all-inclusive model, a full day of travel and water activities, its price is 1,200 euros . As you can see there are options for all tastes and budgets that adapt to any client.

Requirements for renting a boat

Boat Interior

The main requirement for renting a boat is to be of legal age and to specify the number of passengers who will board the boat. This is perhaps the only condition that is demanded because of the rest you only have to have fun. Whether it’s a simple family outing or a party with friends.

It is important to take into account the type of outing you want to make. Boat rentals allow you to go to places like visit the Cíes Islands or enjoy a hidden cove. If children are travelling, it is important to keep an eye on them at all times.

If your idea is to spend a few hours or an entire day at sea in a excellent luxury boat ?. Live and enjoy this great opportunity to celebrate and share with your loved ones an incredible moment.

These types of activities have a great demand in high season. If you want to enjoy a day of sailing, from Galicia Villas we recommend you to book in advance. During the months of July and August, it is difficult to find available boats.

Rent a Boat in Galicia

If you have a reservation with Galicia Villas , you can request the activity through us and we will manage it. All our clients enjoy a special rate. It is convenient that you tell us if you want 4 or 8 hours, the number of people and if you want additional water activities (snorkel, diving, paddle, wakeboard).

If you want to book a boat directly and you do not have an accommodation contract, you can do so on the website of our activity partner (Portosub).

Direct booking of boats

Boat Rental in Sanxenxo
Boat Rental in Sanxenxo 1

Boat Rental and Yacht Charter in Sanxenxo ⚡ 4 or 8 hour departures. ⚓ Possibility of aquatic activities ✅ Visits to the Cíes Islands for the whole family.

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